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Progvins expertise in Electroless Nickel Plating is rich and diverse. Progvins Industries has mastered high, medium and low phosphorus Electroless nickel plating for components of various sizes and shapes. The electroless nickel coatings of Progvins Industries have well-known properties such as corrosion resistance, lubricity, solderablity, diamagnetic properties and hardness with defined ranges. Our electroless nickel plating is compatible subsequent silver plating for electrical and electronics applications. Stringent inline control over various process parameters and unit operations ensures the consistent and high quality of our electroless nickel plating.

Sulphamate Nickel plating is used for both corrosion protection and functional properties.

The plated nickel layer from our sulphamate baths is highly ductile and solderable - properties that are highly desirable in the electronic and/or semiconductor industry. We at Progvins are specialized in carrying out sulphamate nickel plating on semi conductor components, whose sizes range form tiny (2mm to 5mm Diameter flat components) to large (example 600mm in length) components.

At Progvins, we have a long history of intensive research in the field of Silver Plating. More than two decades ago we carried out the silver plating on aluminum for the electrical and electronic industry. We pioneered the partial silver plating on functional areas of components, there by resulting in dramatic saving in material, process time and cost.

At Progvins we have one of the finest chemistries for decorative silver plating. In addition, the latest techniques of tarnish prevention are employed to keep the Progvins silver plated components bright and functional for a long duration.
Our efforts are currently on making our non cyanide silver plating process commercially viable.

Progvins has developed in-house the process for electroplating as well as brush plating of Gold for industrial and decorative applications such as Electronics, jewelry, cutlery etc. The baths have high efficiencies and the deposited gold layer is lustrous, pore free and with excellent bonding properties.

Where ever Gold becomes too expensive our Palladium alloy plating becomes relevant. We have developed the processes for palladium alloy plating in-house. In addition we synthesize our own palladium salts in order to ensure consistency and quality.

The electronics industry requires electroless gold plating because of the unique properties of gold such as conductivity, non tarnishing etc. Our electroless gold plating is non porous uniform in thickness and of the highest purity. Our electroless gold plating meets the specifications of the electronics and semiconductor industry.

Progvins is also specialized in electroless palladium and palladium/metal alloy plating. The main applications are coating industrial components. However there are quite a few decorative applications for jewelry too

At Progvins, we have numerous years of practical experience in electro-polishing. Our processes generate considerably lesser quantity of sludge due to our unique additives and process configuration. We have carried out electro-polishing job work for a variety of industrial applications. Our electro-polishing processes achieve the desired Ra values easily.

At Progvins we recognize the need to handle plastics differently. Therefore, you will find that we are able to meet the tough specifications of the automobile industry. Our deep understanding of polymer chemistry, electroplating chemistry and engineering helps us to carry out plating on plastics, irrespective of the dimensions and contours of the molded components. Right form the cleaning of the plastic component to the flash chrome plating, we have developed our own bath chemistries.

We first establish the process sequence, process parameters and the process requirements in our pilot plant. This helps us to scale up the process smoothly

Enhancing corrosion resistance is one of the basic aims at Progvins. Our duplex and triples nickel plating processes have been well-accepted by the automotive industry. We can achieve consistent STEP test values, thereby ensuring high corrosion resistance. We achieve this for both metallic and plastic (ABS) substrates

High thickness copper plating without nodule growth is a challenge which Progvins has mastered through its know-how and fine tuning of our in house chemistry. At Progvins we were among the earliest pioneers for high thickness copper plating on utensils in an automatic plant. Progvins high thickness copper plating retains pure copper's thermal conductivity and aesthetic appearance. Our Electroforming processes enable the deposition of several hundred microns thickness, irrespective of the complexity of the structure.